Building a Culture of Trust Programme

Culture is key. It is the basis from which all other actions, motivations and outcomes grow, yet within schools and the education sector more widely we are not equipped with the tools and mindsets to know how to build trust-based, humane, high performing cultures.

The Schoolgenie programme is year-long development programme with enables school leaders to transform themselves and their school culture. Through developing deep self awareness, listening, seeing and being skills, Genies become the catalyst for sustainable, trust-based change in their schools. Explore the programme below to find out how to get involved.

What am I becoming?

This is the first workshop day to meet your fellow genies and start the process of thinking more deeply about your journey to lead in a trust-based way in your school. Learning about psychological security, place and space to talk, reconnecting with yourself to harness more internal stillness and lots of laughter too, this day provides the foundation to shifting your school culture to one where people can flourish.

Holding a Space

This two-day residential workshop looks at both the skills and essentially the underpinning way of being to enable genies to hold meaningful coaching space for people to connect, create ease and trust. Through this approach courageous and humane conversations can flourish to build culture.


This exploration of ethical leadership in the current educational climate is delivered through a series of online action learning groups. We delve into what it means to be ethical, how we can be guided by frameworks and practical ways to build ethical climates in your school.

The Retreat

The 3-day retreat is the transformational jewel in the crown of the Schoolgenie programme; time to be. Through the calm and ease of being held in a beautiful retreat setting, genies can set meaningful intentions to deeply allow the learning from the programme to unfold and settle.

Creating Trust-Based Cultures

This one-day workshop stands on the shoulders of the programme to provide the model, skills and a practical toolkit, outlined in the book The Trust Revolution in Schools, to build trust throughout your school by enabling CPD, conversations and management training to leave with a secure strategy to implement.


To support this developmental process, each Genie is matched to a highly experienced coach to access 10 hours of supervision, providing transformational spaces to think, explore, breathe and grow.

2023/24 Programme

The 23/24 cohort is now full. Expressions of interest in the programme for 24/25 are now open on the link below.

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