Our Founders

Jeanie Davies

Co-Founder of schoolgenie

Jeanie Davies has worked in education for nearly two decades in the guise of teacher, school senior leader, coach, leadership development and teacher training at TeachFirst.

She has run her own consultancy for the past six years, working closely with Oasis Academies specialising in coaching, culture change, team building and school improvement, and promotes a trust-based approach to school leadership. Jeanie was seconded to co-head a school last year in inner-city Manchester to shift the staff culture. At the end of the previous year half of the staff had left and by the end of Jeanie’s secondment 100% of staff were retained.

Her book, The Trust Revolution in Schools published with Routledge 2020, is the blueprint for those school leaders, teachers and thinkers who want to create a humane, rich, healthy environment where collaboration, creativity and excellence in teaching and learning can flourish.


Co-Founder of schoolgenie

Georgina Newton is an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick and has had a long career as a teacher, working internationally and in large comprehensive secondary schools in the North West and Midlands. She has researched why teachers leave the profession and what could be done to keep them and has presented her research findings widely. As a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Teaching Profession, Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and a member of the Ethical Forum she works nationally to advocate for teachers. In her work in Initial Teacher Education she works with hundreds of new teachers every year, to ensure that teachers’ work is ethical, research-informed, sustainable and rewarding.

Having seen the changes their approach has brought to school culture and well-being, she is convinced that “every school needs a genie”.

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