What does a Genie do?

“Now all our teachers know that we have a culture of “you can trust me, I’m your colleague””

– Headteacher
Through innate and measurable qualities and research-based, world-leading training, Genies will work with staff at every level in school to enable collaboration, kindness, honesty and openness. As a result, high performance cultures that retain people will flourish.

Genies are equipped to ask the big questions, to see beyond the scope of their hierarchical role. They uphold collaboration and are a conduit for bringing the ‘soft skills’ into school, enabling behavioural and emotional thinking to really land and stick in school. Genies catalyse great cultures which cut to the heart of the matter: wellbeing, innovation and high performance. Happy, focused, compassionate staff create amazing places to work where children receive high quality education; genies can enable this in schools.

Most importantly Genies generate change from the inside. They know and see the individual school system within which they work. This is not outside expert imposition; genies can help make the right decisions and empower the best thinking within their own school.

“The really essential parts of having a Genie are gaining an understanding of yourself and enabling staff to change behaviours through using concepts such as the feedback model. These things have made the most difference.  Every school should have a Genie!.”

– Headteacher, Birmingham
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