We believe every school is a place where teachers can flourish

But currently teachers are leaving the profession at alarming rates

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40% of new entrants to teaching leave the classroom after 5 years
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74% of teachers and 84% of school leaders describe themselves as stressed
2 teachers report feeling suicidal, on average, every day. Thankfully they are helped by Education Support, a charity that provides help for people in education who are in crisis.
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81% of teachers who have left teaching said that if the school was a kinder place they would have stayed

Why is this happening?

Because unkind, fear-based school cultures are created due to staff not having the tools and knowledge in how to create trust-based, kind, humane cultures.

How do we change this?

By finding staff, already in schools, with the right characteristics and training and supporting them to:

  • Catalyse trust
  • Apply their emotional intelligence and understanding of human behaviour
  • Foster collaboration and positive wellbeing

We call these people 'Genies'.

"Teachers are some of the kindest, most altruistic and smartest people on the planet yet they can create some of the most claustrophobic and toxic cultures within which to work. Schoolgenie addresses this head-on and offers a solution."

Jeanie Davies

"Schoolgenie can really make a difference to the way wellbeing is embedded in school culture."

Georgina Newton

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