Indicators of Fear & Trust in Schools

To be able to harness a trust- based school culture and move away from one that is mired in fear, we first need to understand clearly what each looks like. The key driver in any school is how the staff feel about themselves and one another and this is affected by the cultural climate.

Staff culture, fear and trust do not have a language that is commonly used in schools. We all can feel when we are not ok or indeed when we feel happy in a school, however understanding why and being able to discuss it is tricky.

Hence to get a sense of where your school might be on the spectrum of fear to trust, some indicators of how people behave, linked to the fight, flight and freeze responses to fear are a helpful starting point. Click here to download the indicators of fear-based school cultures to see where your schools lies.

“Staff culture, fear and trust do not have a language that is commonly used in schools.“
For further illustration of these indicators and to give a real sense of how these might manifest in a school setting, Chapter Three of The Trust Revolution in Schools is useful. And if you are interested in enabling trust in your school you may want to check out the Schoolgenie pilot and how having a member of your staff trained as a Genie can bring trust to the heart of your school.