How does a teacher become a Genie?

“Working with a Genie has created a collaborative culture, which has replaced one of mistrust and toxicity. The genie has left a legacy of a superb professional, cultural and social capital and great results.”

– Primary school headteacher

The Genie programme trains a genie to enhance the working of their school. Learning about how teams and individuals work from a behavioural and psychological point of view gives the genies perspectives that benefit the whole school community.

All Genies are trained on a 5-module course that can be done part-time or fast-track. This happens alongside their work in schools and comprises elements of coaching, behavioural psychology, ethics, confidentiality and supervision. They also benefit personally from the self-reflection that takes place throughout the programme. Genies are self-aware, happy, fulfilled people who can enable this in others!

The pilot cohort of Genies starts in Autumn 2021. If you’re interested, please speak to your headteacher and fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

“People are excited about working with the Genie. The time just flies by in coaching sessions and you can see that teachers are making changes to their work as a result of the genie’s work. They are given the control. They are the ones taking the action. It’s awesome!”

– Primary school middle leader
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